What I offer: Interview Coaching

(1) After seven years of interviewing writers, publishers, film makers and myriad experts who’ve taken the time to write a book about their passion, I’ve developed an instinct for what works in a radio interview…and what doesn’t. Whether you’ve got a short spot on the evening news, have been added to a panel on a slightly longer show, or have a luxurious hour-long chat on a show like Prose, Poetry & Purpose…you want to be prepared to spend your minutes wisely.

(2) Your radio interview is content. For the radio station, the show producer and host, but most importantly…for you. While they likely own the content, you are the topic of the day, the subject of the show, the person who the audience cares about and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to promote your interview forward and grow your audience. That means…you want to shine! My job is to help you do so.

(3) Ironically, the #1 thing my guests worry about is the last they need to worry about! Namely, their voice. People listen to you talk all day long. Trust me, your voice – even if it sounds weird to you – sounds just fine to the rest of the world. What you need to be focused on, instead, is your message, your demeanor, your confidence, and your ability to pivot when an interviewer throws something at you that you aren’t expecting. The truth is, if you don’t prepare, you won’t present as well and that’s a waste of a beautiful opportunity.

(4) Success is often predicated upon preparation and presentation. If you’re an author, for example, your book is a written representation of creative energy, meticulous research, unswerving devotion to your vision and follow through. You have paid attention to every detail, becoming an expert writer along the way. Interviewing is also a skill, and I guarantee you, it’s worth it to work with an Interview Coach. My job is to help you put your best foot forward, effecting whether you get invited back, how many shares your content receives and how many listeners can’t wait to get their hands on your book!

(5) On the flip side, a poorly conducted interview – even if people don’t turn the dial – may leave listeners with a lasting, negative impression and if the show is archived or posted as a podcast, you may never escape it. So, let’s avoid that, shall we?

(6) When you work with me, I’ll do far more than hand you a list of Do’s and Don’ts. As I begin to interview you, I will discover your strengths and weaknesses. Your homework will be fine tuned to you and only you, allowing you to skill-up much faster than someone who tries to teach themselves from books or videos. It’s always good to read up on theoretical advice, but to learn how to succeed in a 2-person situation, you need to practice in a 2-person situation, and preferably with a partner who knows what they’re doing! By working with me, you will gain clarity on the overall message you’re wanting to get across, learn how to fine-tune your message to differing audiences, develop the skills to pivot when necessary, and more.

(7) To schedule a 20 minute Meet & Greet Interview go here.