Media Coaching 

Seven years as a Radio Show Host has given me an instinct for what works…and what doesn’t. Have a short spot on the evening news? Added to a panel of experts? Headed to a writing conference, online or in person, and terrified of wasting those precious ten minutes with an agent? Or maybe you’ve been invited to a luxurious hour-long chat on a show like Prose, Poetry & Purpose

You want to spend your minutes well. That’s what I help you do.

Every public presentation is content. You are the topic of the day! The subject of the show. The person the audience cares about. And, they want you to blow their mind. It’s your job to shine & my job to help make that happen.

The #1 thing my guests worry about is their voice. Don’t. People listen to you talk all day long. Trust me, your voice – even if it sounds weird to you – sounds just fine to the rest of the world. Your focus should be on your message, demeanor, confidence, and your ability to pivot when an interviewer throws you a curve ball. If you don’t prepare, you won’t present as well. So, prepare.

Our successes are predicated upon preparation and presentation. Your published book is a written representation of those two traits. After years of paying attention to every detail, don’t lose readers because you forgot to polish your Media Interviewing skills.

My job is to help you put your best foot forward, increasing the odds that you’ll get invited back, your content will be shared forward, and your listeners won’t be able to wait to get their hands on your book! 

The unfortunate truth is that the flip side of success is truly worth avoiding. A poorly conducted interview – even if listeners don’t turn the dial – may leave a lasting, negative impression or, worse, be an inescapable archived show that the internet never lets us forget. Let’s avoid all that, shall we? 

When you work with me, we discover your strengths and weaknesses. Sessions are quick and effective, saving time and money. Together, we will gain clarity on your overall message, fine-tune your narrative for differing audiences, develop the skills to pivot when necessary, and more. I love being a Media Coach.

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