People who support corrupt systems naturally commit increasingly heinous crimes. This is the result of the “slippery slope,” right?

(1) A law-abiding citizen with an “open carry permit” is shot dead while breaking no laws and obeying all police instructions.

(2) A citizen lies to EVERYONE while being investigated by the FBI for a year, is interviewed without being put under oath, there is no recording of the interview, and no charges are filed…despite the findings that she broke the law (and lied under oath) knowingly.

What is the difference between these people? POWER.

Why does POWER make a difference? Because our system is deeply corrupted.

So, what shall we do? Not, what “can” we do. What shall we do?! You. And me. And the guy across the street and the lady who makes your latte in the morning and the teenager who mows your lawn…what shall WE do?

This year, there has been only ONE candidate who champions the needs of all Americans, living and not yet born. BERNIE SANDERS.

You know it. I know it. We all know it.
“A vote for any person who lies and breaks the law with impunity…is a vote against a better future.”