Q:  Who is being underwritten? Voice of Vashon (the station) or Prose, Poetry & Purpose (the show)?

A:  Prose, Poetry & Purpose (the show) and March Twisdale (the producer and host) are available for underwriting. While it is a privilege to produce PP&P in the wonderful studios of Voice of Vashon, all content remains the creative property of the producer.

Q:  How often does Prose, Poetry & Purpose air? In other words, how many spots are available per week?

A:  Prose, Poetry & Purpose airs twice a week (11am Saturday & 3pm Tuesday). The 2017-2018 contract offers two “spots” per show (at the start and end of the show). This is 4 spots per week & 8 spots per guest author.

Q:  What visual forms of underwriter recognition are available?

A:  The 2017-2018 contract year includes:

  • recognition in all printed promotional material
  • recognition on the home page of marchtwisdale.com
  • recognition at the end of each blog post about each guest author sourced from the underwriting publishing company (not on outside of company guest authors blog posts)
  • recognition on the “About Page”

Q:  How many underwriters options are available?

A:  The 2017-2018 contract year offers space for only one underwriter. Future contract years may remain singular or expand to include two underwriters.

Q:  What is the listenership of Prose, Poetry & Purpose?

A:  This is a hard question to answer, however PP&P generally trends as receiving the third highest hits on the voiceofvashon.org website. The home page trends as #1, followed by the popular Morning Scramble, which is a 3 hour-long morning show hosted by a different pair of hosts each day, Monday through Friday. Vashon Island, West Seattle, Burien, Tacoma, Puyallup, small coastal regions of the Kitsap Peninsula and Seattle all receive varying levels of access to 101.9 FM; adding up to well over 100,000 potential radio listeners.

Q:  Is Prose, Poetry & Purpose syndicated to any other radio stations?

A:  Not yet. Now that marchtwisdale.com is up and running (with a podcast option), outreach efforts have begun with a goal of airing in 7 other states by October, 2017 (Oregon, California, Vermont, Arizona, Hawaii, Wisconsin and Alaska). March Twisdale also produces & hosts a new show, titled Focus On! which is international in nature (featuring interviews with citizens of Iceland, the Netherlands and Denmark) and we look forward to cross-over between the two shows.