I’m going to keep this one short, because I think the point needs to simply be made, not belabored. Look at Donald Trump’s life. What do you see?

A man born into the wealth class.

A man who entered adulthood as a member of the wealth class.

A man who socializes with members of the wealth class.

A man who marries the way members of the wealth class marry.

A man who supports the goals of other members of the wealth class.

A man who recreates in wealth class ways.

A man who bankrolls political players who serve the wealth class.

A man who dresses like the wealth class.

A man who raises his children with the opulence of the wealth class.

A man who sends his kids to school with other children of the wealth class.

A man who behaves like a member of the wealth class.

A man who lives in a home that proves his status as a member of the wealth class.

Donald Trump IS the wealth class. It is what he knows, what he values and what he protects.

Your representative in the White House, he is not.

Your president, your ally, your hero, your protector…he is not.

When Bernie Sanders came onto the political stage, in May of 2015, the wealth class perked up, paid close attention to this dangerous development, and came up with a strategy.

The Deployment of Trump.

Bernie Sanders presented the ultimate threat to the IOWC (International Oligarchical Wealth Class) which currently controls our country. Why? Three reasons:
(1) He is not a member of the wealth class, nor is he beholden to them.
(2) He empowers the common people.
(3) He shines a brutally honest light upon the corruption of the system which suppresses us.

If there is one thing the IOWC can not survive, it is the awakening of the American People.

The people of America tend to disagree on exactly how our government can best serve us, but we are also in strong agreement about two things:
(1) Serve US it must.
(2) Currently, this is not happening.

It is my opinion that the IOWC will do whatever is necessary to ensure that WE, the people of America, remain thoroughly distracted from these two truths. Even more importantly, WE must be prevented from realizing that WE are in deep agreement. Nothing is more dangerous to the status quo than the UNITY of the American People for the Common Good of all. So, what is their natural recourse?

Divide & Conquer.

America. I ask you to see what it going on. The IOWC is race-baiting our entire country. Many of us are falling for it. Please don’t be so culpable. Fighting our fellow Americans is not the way forward. We must be better than this.

Remember. “Together, there is nothing we can not do.”