Katrin Oddsdóttir was one of the twenty-five elected members of the Constitution Council of Iceland, which drafted a new constitution for the country in 2011. The process of the Council has been recognized worldwide for its emphasis on democratic methods and the use of social media as a tool for public participation in the drafting of Iceland’s new constitution. Oddsdóttir worked as a journalist and copywriter before changing careers and becoming a human rights Attorney at Rettur – Adalsteinsson & Partners law firm in Iceland, focusing on the rights of refugees, disabled people and children, among other related fields. Oddsdottir currently lectures on Refugee Law and Constitutional Law at the School of Law of Reykjavik University. She is the chairperson of the Constitutional Society of Iceland, a NGO fighting for the new constitution of Iceland to take force. She has presented lectures about the Icelandic constitutional reform internationally for the last few years, including places like Princeton and Berkeley Universities. 
More information about the Icelandic constitutional reform can be found in the lovely documentary by Eileen Jarrett called Blueberry Soup, available here: Blueberry Soup