What you begin to realize, as you watch this video, is that there are so many – SO MANY – grassroots organizations that are stepping up to fill in the growing number of gaps and holes in our social systems.

This is a quiet revolution. A gentle, swelling tide. Not a tsunami, although there are many who would like to see the “powers that be” knocked off their pedestal in a loud and public way. I get that, but this organic, slow & steady growth is actually more sustainable…and more powerful…because it is based upon true, human to human relationships and bonds. The deep and lasting connections that hold strong in the face of challenge and struggle. Check out GEM here!

The “Collapse” will start off at the top. Not at the bottom, like many think or have written about. Let me explain what I mean by this.

Yes, the bottom is “feeling the effects” in a more painful and immediate way, but those systems…those structures…those pieces of the societal puzzle…which are largest? They will be too rigid and stiff to bend to the winds of change. Like the DNC, the older behemoth structures will collapse first.

We’re already seeing it in CA and Puerto Rico and Houston and Florida, as FEMA and other national/state/territory government responses are incapable of meeting the needs of the millions who are suffering. The innovative and enthusiastic systems which industrialized our nation and built up our modern society have become ancient, crumbling edifices of graft and corruption. Indeed, their unnatural focus on maintaining the status quo, at all costs, is a form of what might be called “systemic alzheimer’s or senility,” and right now is a very bad time to be old and stiff.

In a very real way, I believe the R(E)volution will not be so much about toppling one system as simply and naturally…replacing it. Want to help FUND this revolutionary change? Want to help fund SOLAR ENERGY infrastructure in Puerto Rico? Go HERE! We’ve all grown up in a capitalist system that endlessly tells us that the reason monopolies are bad is that they are too big. They lose the fluidity and flexibility that smaller companies have, making them incapable of effectively responding to market forces and customer needs and new technology…blah, blah, blah. Right? Well…

Today, we are observing the initial death throws of FEMA and other “existing system” organizations, as they struggle (and fail) to adapt quickly and effectively enough to a cluster of natural disasters which are simply the tip of the C3 (Catastrophic Climate Collapse) future. If they can’t manage in 2017, do you really think they can handle 2021 or 2024 or 2030?!

In this expanding vacuum of “top-down” support, the people of the country, and the world, are not only stepping up to take care of business, but they’re doing a better job of it! And why are we seeing such an astronomical rise in citizen action? Because, when a human need goes unmet, we have an instinctual urge to fill that gap. In this way, ironically, it is the collapse itself which will best inspire the people of the world to take the first steps toward a better, more connected world.

We Can Not Wait For FEMA or the DNC or Congress or the next election cycle.
We Must Be The Change, The Help, The Action, The Investment, and The Solution That Our World Needs…Right Now.