While driving along the Hood Canal, I stopped in at a sweet cafe, and a few minutes later a car pulled up. It had white-supremacist and hate-focused words written across the windows and sides of the car. The white couple (with kids) looked disempowered and angry, the man’s head was shaved, and it was a SOBERING reminder that this issue is everywhere. We must be mindful & take positive action.

Today…Pittsburgh is experiencing actions very similar to those depicted in the movie BLACKkKLANSMAN (based upon a true story). If you haven’t yet, SEE the movie. It will move you, with its complexity.

Dear Young People Who Seek Community & To Be Understood,

Create a community for yourself that is based in kindness and positivity. If you have been welcomed into a group that focuses on fear and hate, walk away. Other groups will welcome you, as well. If you have been hurt, or a loved one has suffered abuse, ask for help. Seek to understand why a person (any person) might act in that way, and focus on the broken hearts and souls of those who abuse others. That is true for the gunman who just murdered eleven people in a Synagogue and whoever may have wronged you or your loved ones. Broken people, who have no help in healing & who are encouraged to remain trapped by pain, fear and hate…act out in unproductive, violent, hurtful ways. Let us help them, before this happens. Who do you know, who is trapped by trauma and how can you help them?

~ March Twisdale