Category: Vashon After The Change

Winter Delivery

The pony shied as another gust shook the trees around us, the scent of cedar whipping through our hair. “This is stupid.” I imagined the cart flipped, the road littered with hundreds of cracked eggs. “You want to skip it?” my...

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Butchering Day

When my parents decided to buy the property, the plum tree was an overgrown mass, shrouding itself in limbs that drooped under the deadly weight of superfluous branches, their tips pressing into the dirt, competing with the...

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Morning Hunt

“I wish I had a gun.” Sunlight lances through the salal, illuminating the berry stains on my brother’s face. His head feels like a boulder on my calf and my foot is going numb, but I don’t say anything. I just chew slowly on a...

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Journal Entry #1

The water that surrounds our island used to be like skin. It held in our beach sand and our leaning trees, our cliffs and running streams, our sloping fields and etched ravines. Like skin, it marked where the organism, that was...

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