The idea that WE OWE HILLARY OUR VOTE keeps coming up again and again. And, it’s wrong. Let me explain why. 
(1) One of The Fears Behind This Idea: 
“We need a Democrat in the White House or the next Supreme Court Nominee will be very bad for America and young enough to cause trouble for a long, long time.” 
Why is this a dangerous idea?


“Most social movements that fail, crumble from within. Fear of the “worst” enemy overcomes our desire to achieve positive social change, and we begin to talk about and encourage others to consider “the lesser of two evils” as an acceptable option. It’s similar to hedging your bets. And, it’s a losing strategy for dozens of reasons.”

(2) One of The Fallacies Behind This Idea:
“We are all Democrats.”

Why is this a really bad idea to toss around?
Because it’s TOTALLY FALSE.
There are some lifelong/card-carrying Democrats who are voting for Bernie Sanders. Sure thing. BUT, they aren’t enough to win the Presidential Election in November. Face it. Democrats CAN NOT achieve this goal alone….so, who do they need?

Socialist Democrats.
…and plain old Democrats.

Which makes it a really BAD strategy to blithely state that “we’re all Democrats” in social media venues. This Political (R)Evolution is very much about Americans flexing their mental skills, their ability to do research, their access to the truth when International Corporate Media is spinning its lies…
So, it is VERY important for us to be accurate in what we say.

Look. If you are scared of the Republican Party Candidates, then just say so. Explain to people why you really want them to do everything they can to prevent Trump or Cruz from getting into the White House. GO FOR IT!


But (in my opinion) attempts to “guilt” people into voting for Hillary Clinton (against their conscience because somehow by liking Bernie they are now indebted to a political party that has featured extreme dishonesty and corruption all year long?) is a terrible idea.