Why does it matter, which candidate
receives the Democratic Party Nomination?
This is why it matters.

The fires of the past decade are NOT normal.
The starvation and death of sea-life up and down the Pacific Coast is NOT normal.
The dead zones where fish cannot life are NOT normal.
The bleaching of the vast majority of the coral reefs of the world is NOT normal.

Our addiction to fossil fuels reminds me of a smoker’s addiction.


In the 70’s, we knew it would kill us eventually.
In the 80’s, we still felt healthy enough to ignore that warning.
In the 90’s, we started to experience the effects of our addiction.
In the 00’s, we started to worry as the signs of sickness became obvious.
Now, we’ve had the cancer surgery and we’re holding a cigarette to the hole in our throat…

While we hear about 100,000 humans being relocated & losing their homes,
how many animals are unable to flee? It is Springtime. Babies abound in nature.
Baby bears, deer, moose, wolves, cougars…Nests fills with hatchlings of every description…
Rivers boil fish and roast beaver families alive…Salamanders, frogs, newts, snakes, lizards…
Burrowing creatures…none will survive.

The only difference is that the Earth never dies. It is endlessly renewable. But, it does change. If we want to save our home (meaning, save the ecological systems that benefit the lifeforms of our time)…we must break our addiction NOW.

Business as usual = death.