Hello everyone!

After several months of making sure that WA voters knew to come to the caucus (and not wait for the primary ballots in May), we now have a bit of a problem. Some folks think the Primary Vote doesn’t matter.

But, it does. 

This gives us an excellent opportunity to do something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile: Draw local Comparisons!

In the videos on my new Youtube account, I hope to drive home just how important America’s Political (R)Evolution is to our own lives, here on our little island, so very, very far away from Washington DC.

And, I encourage YOU to do the same! 

  • Look around your community.
  • What’s wrong?
  • What could be better?
  • What’s not talked about?
  • What common resources (park, health center, school, bank, senior center, etc.) are suffering or chronically under-funded?
  • Head on over there and videotape yourself talking about it! Discuss the white elephant in the commons and how it relates to larger, nation-wide issues that Bernie Sanders would like to help us deal with and resolve!
  • Remember to bring your Mail-In Ballot with you — BUT don’t open it. I think there’s a legal issue with posting images of mail-in ballots. Just show the envelope it came in!
  • Make a video (it’s easier and more fun to have a friend record you, so make a party out of it!)
  • Post it — Share it — Get the word out!
  • You have ONLY twelve (12) days left. So get going!
(1) Yes, we have already allocated (or are in the process of allocating) our delegate votes through the caucus system.
(2) BUT, the primary is still very important! Let’s send a resounding message about WA State’s preference for Bernie Sanders, as the Democratic Party Nominee for the Presidential Race!
If you decide to do this, PLEASE come back and share the link as a comment below! 
After all…this is a great way to “Get Out The Vote” while also giving voice to local, personal, and heartfelt reasons why so many unique and different individuals CARE about America’s Political (R)Evolution, right?
Click Here for Primary Ballot Video #1