Without the power to choose WHO is on the Ballot, your VOTE means nothing…
The Democratic Party is LUCKY to have Bernie Sanders as a candidate for the nomination. His campaign is highly organized, successfully funded & he’s gained NATIONWIDE popularity!
In Philly, 715 extremely rich and well-connected members of the Democratic Party will choose the Democratic Party’s Nominee.
If you fear Trump…then you want Bernie Sanders (our most powerful and likely to succeed option).
If you desire progressive change…then you want Bernie Sanders (our most consistent and long-time progressive option).
If you want Democrats to win…up and down the ticket, then you want Bernie Sanders (so that his hard-working & organized supporters turn out to vote, en masse).

If you want a woman in the white house…then you want Bernie Sanders (because he’s surrounded by highly moral, politically experienced and powerful women who are willing to join him as Vice President and Cabinet Members).

The Democratic Candidate Race has ended in a dead heat. A near tie! YET, we’re being pressured to give up? Who would do such a thing? Not me…not millions of Americans…not Bernie.


During the Convention, I will post 3 video reports (a day) to my YouTube Channel:
And, remember…turn off the TV. 
(1) Corporate Media Will Be Lying All Week Long
(2) The Revolution Will Not Be Televised