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Dear Mark Elliott Zuckerberg,

Free Speech and Freedom of the Press don’t give us a neat, clean world (that’s what dictatorships like China and the USSR and North Korea look like). As you have 60% control of Facebook, I come to you with a plea.

Freedom is messy. And beautiful. And diverse. And complicated. And…giving SNOPES, ABC News and any number of other organizations who “voluntarily” offer to determine fact from fiction the official role of “Gatekeeper of Truth” is crazy, dangerous and illogical. And you know this.

What kind of a world will your daughter grow up in…if you make a peaceful revolution harder to obtain? If you block FB users from growing a Political Revolution…what option will you leave them?

JFK was born into a powerful and wealthy family, where power mattered so much that his older sister was lobotomized by their Father to protect the family honor. He and his brother Robert knew the depths of depravity which the power-hungry wealth class was capable of…yet, they took the risk. They did the right thing. And yes, they literally died trying.

We all know the methods used to force those in positions of power to do what power-hungry members of the IOWC (International Oligarchical Wealth Class) want them to do. You have a family that you love. We get that. We, the 99%, love our families too. But you have the responsibility (which goes hand in hand with the pleasure) of being incredibly rich and vastly influential in our world.

PLEASE…do not institute “gatekeepers” within your system. PLEASE…support a peaceful political revolution! They are coming for you for one reason only: you created the communication platform that revolutionized American Politics! YOU and other brilliant Millennials like you, have cracked the safe – giving Americans a way past the corporate narrative – to each other. We can see, hear, and speak to our fellow Americans. Because of your idea. Your vision. Thank you!

Because of you, Peaceful & Political Revolution is within reach. Will you move to stop us now?

Bernie Sanders is still doing the right thing…fighting the sickness within our system while shining a light on the similarities so many of us share. Trump Supporters and Berniecrats alike see that the status quo is destroying life in not just America, but on Earth. Leaving us one final option.

We must come together.

The IOWC can’t fix the problems they created. But there are more humble and sane people, with both feet on the ground and eyes wide open, who can. Like Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, Pramila Jayapal, Makana and you and me and tens of millions of people who seek the same positive outcome for life on Earth.

By communicating together, we can take back the reins of power and redirect this train in a more equitable and peaceful direction.

I ask that you remember JFK’s most famous saying and apply it to your life: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

We, the 99%, are your country. Please…commit to ensuring that Facebook remain a Free Speech Zone (in an America which used to be a Free Speech Nation). What does this say, that I am even asking for such a thing?

In a world of media monopolies and corporate news narratives that dominate everything from radio to tv to billboards to now the internet…let Facebook serve as a reminder of what America was meant to be, when the Founding Families drafted her into existence.

March Twisdale