A unexpected “consequence” of the Executive Order banning individuals from seven, mostly-Muslim nations from entering America is that now, ALL individuals from those countries who already live within our border…are trapped here.
They can not leave, because they can not then return.
How many individuals living in America are faced with cancelling their already existing travel plans? Business trips must be rescheduled, family vacations canceled, or important travel for the sake of being with a sick parent – well, then what? “Hey Dad, I know Mom is dying, but I can’t come back home if I visit, so let’s Skype, ok?”
What is happening to these people is EXACTLY what happened to Jews in Germany…in the beginning of the Nazi Party’s Rule. Small rules were put into place & explained in such a way that members of the “dominant culture” accepted them as justified.
What happened last Friday, “seems” like a small thing, to the mainstream population. It “seems” to make logical sense. It “seems” to be prudent. In fact, it almost always “seems” justified to sacrifice the few, for the sake of the many…if you are a member of “the many.”
Please read these next three paragraphs carefully and then think for awhile on what it means for us, in America today.
(1)  Even at the end of WWII, when Germany had lost the war, when Europe was in tatters, when the surviving Germans were faced with the horrors of the Holocaust and the human tragedy of the Concentration Camps were being discovered…there were still many, many patriotic Germans who fully supported and loved THE THIRD REICH.
(2)  Nazi memorabilia was held onto and Hitler was cried over, saluted and prayed for as hard-core Nazi believers tried to dismiss the mass murders of over 11 Million People in camps where torture & mass murder was common and frequent. This included 1.1 million children, as well as Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, disabled people, intellectuals, political protestors and the Roma.
(3)  In other words, we can’t wait for “everyone” in America to agree. We will never achieve a unanimous public outcry against what is wrong about this administration. No matter what, at the end of every horrible regime…there are those who loved it, miss it and remain loyal to it. And so, we must begin to prepare ourselves to do the right thing, even while some Americans fully support the legitimacy, goals and methods of the current administration.
Whether we stop this fascist regime now, or after a deep, deadly plunge into the cold waters of becoming a totalitarian state….it will NEVER get so bad that everyone will agree to revolt. Totalitarian states always ensure that a significant number of people are rewarded, taken care of, and made comfortable. These people then return the favor by turning a blind eye to the suffering of their “minority status” fellows while doing their part to keep the wheels of misery turning.
I know this seems either extreme or perhaps “common sense.” My point, however, is that I think a lot of us wish for a unanimous revolt. Emotionally, it’s far EASIER that way. Right now, the overwhelming mantra seems to be, “if we just wait for it to get a little worse,” then everyone will see the light and we’ll rise up together! 
In order to reclaim our government from the Billionaire Class Fascist Regime that is trying to destroy Our Great Republic (and save the World from the “dive to the bottom” that this insane class of people is pursuing)…we will have to battle against some of our own. Americans will not be 100% united in this struggle. And when we find ourselves at odds with fellow citizens, this will be painful! It will be confusing…it will be discouraging…it may even cause us to question our Political R(E)volution!
So, let me ask you this very important question:  
What values will you hold onto, when the waters get rough?
  • Human Rights for all?
  • Liberty & Self-Determination?
  • Our Humanity and Responsibility to the Future?
  • How will you stand strong?
  • As a member of our domestic police force or the military, what answer will you give to a superior who demands that you obey his or her orders, when you know those orders are wrong and immoral?
  • How will you stop War Crimes from happening?
In other words, how are each of us preparing to be on the right side of history? Because, we can stop this train right now, before it gets moving any faster. OR, we can watch and wait for another year or two, and find ourselves lying in a bloody, global heap before we know what’s hit us.