Yes, I know that you are doing the best you can, with the information you have. But, are you blocking new information? And, if so, why?
Every arena of science expands over time. The Scientific Method is exactly that…an information growth model of exploration…causing every generation to look back on the previous generation and say two things:
(1) “Wow! Look at what you discovered!”
(2) “Look what you used to believe that we now know is not so.”
– Celebration & Humility.
– Curiosity & Exactitude In Effort.
– Questions & Current Answers (that will very likely change).
These are what the Scientific Method offers us.
Not Belief.
Not Final Answers.
Not Certitude.
Not Arrogance.
Not Simple.
If you have power or influence over other people.
If you propose and vote upon legislation or policy.
If you speak from the podium of accreditation.
If you write with a large stick, as a journalist.
You DO NOT have the benefit of Plausible Deniability.
“I didn’t know,” is not an acceptable excuse, when new information is offered to you, year after year, by tens of thousands of voices…and you close your eyes and ears.
To refuse to look, listen and learn, is to say:
– I won’t know.
– I don’t want to know.
– It’s inconvenient to know.
– I prefer the old ideas.
– I just want it to be easy.
Okay. I get it. Change is hard. Really hard.
But, YOU have a position of power and influence. YOU chose that position. YOU applied for it. YOU campaigned for it. YOU wanted the power and prestige. And now, YOU are responsible for what you do with it.
The Power.
The Influence.
And, the Responsibility.
Your obligation, as you wield power and impact the lives of other people, is to remain continually updated on new scientific discoveries that relate to your actions.
The time has come, to say, “I am listening. I want to know more.”