In reference to a poorly written article which is currently being “re-posted” on right now (today and yesterday), about Mark Zuckerberg and his family’s medical choices, I have the following response:

This article is a shining example of our society’s belief that wealthy = extra intelligent or worthy of being trusted. It is time that we recognize this Fatal Flaw in our thinking.

So long as we “worship” wealth on one hand, we will not be able to create a more equitable society on the other hand.

The writer of this article is waving a computer entrepreneur in our face as a person who somehow has a medical opinion of greater weight than other Americans…specifically because of his portfolio and bank account.

This is not logical.

Further, the entire article is predicated upon the idea that “doing something” is all that matters. Not the why or the how or the when. Which, given that the writer is choosing to talk about Mark Zuckerberg, is beyond ridiculous!

I mean, does anyone believe that Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook) does anything without a reason? Without running the analytics, demanding stats and data, and otherwise researching the Hell out of something before he decides what to do? No way. Mark has a reason for what he’s doing. As a businessman, husband, father and person, I imagine Mark is the type of guy to always know, and demand, answers to these thoughtful questions.

Yet, the rest of us are simply supposed to nod our heads and “follow the rich & famous leader?” Beyond belief, this encouragement to ignorance and obedience.

Just like Mark, we all live with the results of our medical decisions, on behalf of our children, and because our children matter so very much…such questions deserve our utmost attention and due diligence. Learn, then decide. But please, don’t blindly follow anyone.

After decades of “dumbing us down,” it is time for some serious “smarting us up.” To do this, we must encourage people to:
– Do their OWN research
– Ask ALL of their questions
– Seek DEEP answers
– And think FREELY

“Follow the Leader” is a fun game on the playground.
As a strategy for adult living, it is not such a great idea.