Lynann Politte is a promoter, director, producer, CoHousing community member, business coach, mother, grandmother, sister, activist, feminist, girlfriend and marketing strategist. She produced and directed The Vagina Monologues on Vashon in 2002 and 2003 to sold-out audiences. Subsequently she directed Vashon teens, including co-creating an original documentary theater piece, “What is it to be an American?” In 2009, her original one-woman show, “Eve Was Framed…a comedy about misogyny,” debut at VAA and went on to be staged in Seattle. Lynann has an MBA and her work experience includes launching a women’s jewelry line, working in the fashion industry, being an international corporate planner, producing a syndicated radio show, managing internationally tours, and leading conference workshops. She’s lived and loved Vashon since 2000.