To the MEN who want to talk about racism, rather than America’s Patriarchy-based Rape Culture that results in 33% of America’s women enduring this horrific experience (once or repeatedly) in their lifetime…just stop.

It is really pissing me off that MEN (of all colors) want to talk about Cosby’s blackness rather than his CRIME. My husband is doing this! My sons are doing this. Their friends are doing this. Men, men, men in all fucking directions are scrambling for ANY escape from the profoundly uncomfortable and disturbing reality that their gender is forcing sex upon my gender on a searingly consistent basis!

Just imagine carrying drugs with you, so you can slip them into the drinks of fully dressed women who might be excited to be meeting with you but who have BY NO MEANS indicated a desire to have unconscious sex with you. Then imagine that this is what your next victim wants:“Oh yes, I just love to be used as a living, breathing, blow up sex doll! And the headaches the next morning? Mmmmmm…my fave!” Finally, imagine the indignity of being caught, tried and convicted of your multiple crimes and saying, “Hey! If I was white, I wouldn’t be going to prison. I’m a victim of racism!” 

If this sounds crazy, it is…AND it’s what men are doing right now.
ONLY a habitual patriarchal culture with some seriously subconscious GUILT could ignore a person’s status as a MASS RAPIST in favor of his status as a victim of racism.

You think I’m not getting it? You’re thinking, “Look March, if he’d been white, he’d have gotten away with it! He’s only in prison because he’s black.” Yes, I see how you could think that, but it’s just NOT true. Yes, white judges love to let white college boys off for raping “foolish white girls who should have worked harder to protect themselves.” I DO GET IT. 

But…the FACT is, men generally don’t go to jail for rape. In fact, 97% of rape cases result in less than 6 months of jail time for the rapist (if any at all). It’s an easy crime to get away with FOR ALL MEN, REGARDLESS OF SKIN COLOR.

Rich Men in Prison:
Italian billionaire Silvio Berlusconi (4 years)
Chinese entrepreneur Wong Kwong Yu (14 years)
Russian billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky (10+ years)
Texan Allan Stanford (110 years)
Billionaire Curt Johnson (less than 3 months)

Guess what crime Curt Johnson committed? Yup! While the first four super rich men are in prison for years and years (for economic crimes that hurt other men’s pocket books), Billionaire heir to the Johnson & Johnson Fortune (and convicted child molester) went to jail for less than 3 months…for sexually assaulting his step-daughter for three (3) years, in her own home, from the ages 12-15.

So, what appears to be the pattern?
Do RICH people get away with crimes? Sometimes.
Do POOR people get away with crimes? Sometimes.
Do WHITE people get away with crimes? Sometimes.
Do PEOPLE OF COLOR get away with crimes? Sometimes.
Do MEN who sexually prey upon women get away with crimes? Almost Always.

Why? Because, in a patriarchy, MEN MATTER.
Women don’t.
Bill Cosby is not an innocent black man being framed for the crimes of a white dude (that’s happened a lot)…he’s not an innocent black man being accused by a white chick who go pregnant and now (to avoid her racist Father’s wrath) is going to pretend she was raped (that’s happened a ton, too). No……….
Bill Cosby is a sexual predator. Premeditated mass rapist. And he’s going to prison as punishment for just a teeny, tiny percentage of the crimes he committed. THAT is what we should be talking about. WOMEN. Talk about the women! The true victims!

Later…you can mention Cosby as an example of what happens when a serial rapist doesn’t have white privilege on his side. Yes, you can point this out. LATER. In another conversation, but NOT in place of acknowledging that he raped, how he raped, who he raped…and the effect of his selfish, sexual gratification upon the lives of DOZENS of women.

Later. Got it, men? Next month. Hell…next year! Just not now. At this moment, we are (and should be) celebrating a RARE moment where women who were wronged felt like they might be heard and took the brave step forward, in search of justice. That is the topic of the hour, the focus of the moment, the good news to celebrate!

Later…you get to talk about yourselves again.

Sexual assault matters forever.
To the victim and, it should also matter forever, to the attacker.