Dear Parents of Vashon,
As a fellow island parent, I know how busy life can be. And, I know that all of us want the very best for our children…at all stages of their development. Indeed…most of us are here “for the community.” 
One increasingly awesome community (which is both VERY family/child friendly and a VERY great role model/example to our youth) is the Vashon for Bernie Sanders group. 
Political Engagement is a lifestyle choice, a habit, a skill, and a family value.
We – as parents – set this expectation for our children, or we don’t. Imagine your refrigerator being covered in photos of your children (at all ages) being involved in events, marches, rallies, meetings, parties (etc) that center around social movements & self-government!
However, it’s not always easy to get off the island. So, I’d like to make sure you are aware of local, island opportunities to get involved!
If you are a mainstream media observer (many of us are), you may find the tsunami of negative political press to be nearly overwhelming. Let me assure you, there is an antidote to all of that, and it’s called: 
At the PARTY last night, our growing community of people came together to do FAR MORE than simply observe the election results of the day. In fact, the TV was on mute most of the evening as WE THE PEOPLE explored multiple strategies (focused on local/state/national goals) going forward. 
Toddlers toddled, Young Teens watched and gobbled dinner, an Older Teen (17) from W. Seattle shared his goals/hopes/insights, Introverts/Extroverts brought up ideas, one Motion was determined to not be our best use of resources (human energy & time), another Motion was generated and enthusiastically agreed to…and all of these conversations and decisions were 100% respectful and achieved w/ 100% consensus. 
BECAUSE the nature of Bernie Sanders’ Political (R)Evolution hinges upon the belief that we all matter. That, quite honestly…
“Together…there is nothing we can not do.”
You are invited to join the Vashon for Bernie Sanders FB Group and bring your whole family along! The Political (R)Evolution is not about the Presidential Nomination. It is about all of us (human, plant, animal).