The Trouble With Being Followers,

Is That Our Brains Turn Off,

And We Dearly Need Them!

If Hillary worked for Microsoft, do you think her mis-handling of corporate secrets would have been blithely disregarded? Yes, I’m really asking. If you work for Microsoft or Google or Amazon or Boeing…what do you think (or know) would be the consequence for a high level, security clearance employee who disregarded company policy and mishandled vital research data or product information?

National Secrets & Classified Information are to America what Intellectual Property Rights and Nondisclosure Agreements are to corporations. Imagine that you work for one of these incredibly powerful and competitive corporations and you have a home office. One day, you up and decide to invest in your own server and start sending emails to your clients, that the company cannot track? Even worse, you do this in a way that makes it easily hackable by a competitive corporation. Eight years later, when Microsoft or Boeing find out what you’ve been doing…what would happen?

We all know. Unless you were real chummy with the CEO and the majority of the Board, you’d be fired and either kicked off campus fast enough to give you road rash, or you’d be held until the police arrived. You would NOT be under consideration for a new & more sensitive position within the company as your reputation, career and liberty were rapidly disappearing under a pile of criminal lawsuits!

Oh, and “I’m sorry,” certainly wouldn’t cut it!

You and I are held accountable for our actions, so why should a person elected or appointed to a position within the government not be held to the same standard? In fact, shouldn’t your level of responsibility and trustworthiness go UP as your access to state secrets and highly important decision making also increases?

WARNING SIGN THAT YOUR SOCIETY IS IN TROUBLE: Our governing representatives are increasingly blatant in their disregard for the laws that govern the rest of us.