The Political (R)Evolution is Infused With the Power of the People!
But, who are these people? 
If you’ve been to as many Bernie Sanders rallies as I have, you already know! They are the best of the best, honest & sincere individuals of every description, ready to stand up and help lead our society, our nation and our world in a better direction. (And ready to join others who are already on that road!)
This video series is a PRELUDE to my coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. My hope is that, by beginning to “reveal” the true thoughts and intentions of our fellow Americans, my viewers will find it easier to resist the temptation to believe the Corporate Media Narrative they’ll throw at us during the convention.
Remember. The Political (R)Evolution will not be televised.
BUT, the Anti-Revolutionary Narrative will be. 
It is up to YOU to be wise enough to know when you are being lied to and manipulated. However, it’s also up to me and others like me…to do what we can, to reveal the goodness that exists within the American public.
Video #1 of 4:   
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