Dear Distressed Americans,
I hear that you are aware of our problems. In fact, many of you are spontaneously joining newly formed or previously existing activist & community groups. You are doing this because you care about all the right things. Thank you.
Now, can I make a suggestion? Do not let your “enthusiasm” overwhelm your “effectiveness.” What does this mean? It means that there are many ways to spend your time (a crucial resource) and few of them will net any meaningful benefits. This should NOT dissuade you or even depress you. I am not saying that we can’t succeed…I am saying that we must be strategic. Machiavellian with morals, if you will.
Let me be blunt. Humans tend to want to enjoy what they are doing. Middle class & comfortable Americans, in particular, place high value on their passion and their pleasure. This presents a problem when it comes to politics. For, you see, the Wealth Class (which currently controls the US Government) has plenty of money to pay people to care about mundane and boring work…or, they have the resources to find & hire those few individuals who GET IT and are truly passionate about “winning” in the end. We must become equally detailed and focused.
As you consider adding political action to your life, you have to ask yourself…am I here for a hobby and a party, or am I here to achieve a specific goal “using the power of” the US Government?
Let me get specific. There is ONE premier goal which I hope a majority of activists will focus on: We must regain control of the US Government.
Nothing we do, other than this, really matters because the *power* of our government is beyond huge…it is much greater than most Americans even understand. Yes, you can recycle and ride your bike and try to “be the change” you want to be, but if every person on Vashon suddenly became perfect…the world would still be destroyed. And we all know it.
Consider this:
Right now, we are already engaged in the 2018 and 2020 election season. NOW. This moment. This second.
What we do must be geared toward achieving tremendous changes over the next four years of elections. It is, as many of you know, pretty much our last chance…especially when we consider the climate.
In the State of WA, I recommend pushing for “Ranked Choice Voting” as an Initiative in 2018. There are groups looking into this (Maine just passed Ranked Choice Voting in November – the first American state to do so) and in a month or so, you’ll have a chance to collect signatures to get this on the 2018 ballot.
WHY does this matter SO MUCH? Because it eliminates the “lesser of two evils” argument, which hamstrung so many voters during the 2016 election. Throughout history, the “lesser of two evils” argument has been the #1 destroyer of social movements. We must eliminate this “false limitation” on our voice, our vote, our choices.
Secondly, we must regain control of the Democratic Party…and this means, GET INVOLVED at the local level. Especially if you are a Berniecrat or an Independent. Our numbers are almost twice that of “traditional Democrats.” All we have to do, to control the planet, is SHOW UP.
Democratic Party Goal #1: Elimination of the Super Delegates. In the next two years. And, we can not allow another “elite control” to be put in its place. The Democratic Party is currently “controlled” by the same people who overwhelming have corrupted our government, in general. We must clean both houses.
(I think the Republican Party is a mess, too…but I have no clue how to help them.)
So, yes, there is work to be done. Please, let your time go to these strategic goals. Because, the US Government is a powerful vehicle that is being driven by the wrong people in the wrong direction – and we, the citizens of America, are the ONLY ones with the power to deal with this problem.
It is truly on us. The People. We will succeed or fail, and history will remember forever.
March Twisdale