Why does it matter that we publicly protest the inauguration of a man who publicly encourages and displays bigotry, sexism, racism, and intolerance toward religious minorities? Why is it vital the we “shut down life as usual” on this bitter day? 
It is not because we dislike this man.
It is not because we lost the election.
It is because we remember what America is meant to be, and can become, should we continue to aspire to the dream in a proud & public way. Right now. In this moment. Before you read anything more, take some time to figure out how you would finish this sentence?
“The America I want to live in, is a land of ______________.”

In other words, what do you want?
Not, what are you scared of…
Not, what do you hate…
Not, how angry are you…
Not, what you do NOT want to see happen…
Tell us what you DO WANT to see America become!
Excite us!
Amaze us!
Inspire us!
Warm our hearts!
Remind us of what is possible!
But, mostly, know we can only achieve a goal we can clearly articulate. 
So, do you know what you want?
#Occupy Inauguration matters for many reasons, but here’s the BIG ONE.
Bullies are powerless. Why? Because bullies rely on the tacit support of silent bystanders.
Victimization can only occur with the consent of those who observe and do nothing. And, when it comes to Climate Change, “bystander silence” is more than a betrayal of those who are being targeted today. It is the betrayal of all generations to come.
Who are you?
What do you stand for?
How will you choose to engage?
When will you act?
Where will you be, on Inauguration Day?
And, who will you bring with you?
Two hundred and forty years ago (240) an incredible experiment was begun with the passionate and committed efforts of bystanders (like you), who stood up and followed those we now refer to as The Founding Families. Their dream of a more just, more egalitarian, melting pot of a country with more liberty and more justice for all…is now yours to have and to hold…or to let slip away.
History books will write of us. What will they say?