What does Bernie Sanders mean, when he talks about a Political Revolution?

In my opinion, he does NOT mean that we need more Democrats in positions of power. He does NOT mean that we, The People, should focus on a “changing of the guard” from one political party to the other.

I believe that Bernie Sanders meant it when he said, “Together, there is nothing we can not do.” And so, what a Political R(E)volution in America means is that We the People decide to unite with our fellow Americans.

We need hundreds of millions of Americans to make “political engagement” a normative part of everyday life. AND, we need to look beyond political party affiliation or purposefully planted “wedge” issues intended to divide (and conquer) us.

Every minute, there are millions of dollars being spent on the brainpower and skills of highly trained experts who have agreed to work for the Wealth Class. Their job? To keep us, the commoners, quiet, ignorant, trusting, compliant, and easy to move around on the current political chessboard.

If we continue to fight one another, we remain pawns on THEIR chessboard.

The 2-party system thrives on being left alone by commoners. It is an elitist power structure which encourages us to “believe” we have representation in the decisions being made, while ensuring that legislative decisions are effectively designed by the 1%.

We, the commoners, have been traditionally blocked out of the system. Truly, do you think you could run against Maria Cantwell in 2018 and have any chance at all of succeeding? Do you think Jay Inslee is Governor because he’s the best Washingtonian for the job? He’s a “super pawn” in the game, and he’s our governor because he sold himself (and us) out, along the way.

Complicated legalese renders almost all of us either incapable (due to lack of legal education) or unable (who can read 900 page documents in their spare time?) to truly comprehend and judge the value or danger or wastefulness or benefit of any given piece of legislation.

We, the commoners, are manipulated by the two Puppet Political Parties, as they demonize our greatest allies (our fellow Americans), simply because they have been caught in the net of the “other party’s” propaganda machine.

Only when all victims of the Billionaire Class come together, can we succeed. In other words, with every insult you hurl at a person who voted for Trump, with every finger you point, with every derogatory message you post about “them, they, and those people”……you move as a pawn moves.

We must be better than this!

JOIN the Political R(E)volution.
LISTEN to your fellow commoners.
SEEK to connect and understand new perspectives.
RESOLVE to find common ground.
TRUST that people are better than you’ve been taught to believe.
PREPARE to learn new and surprising things from others.
COMMIT to personal change, on the pathway toward societal change.