Did the Founding Families have the right to declare their Independence from the British Empire?

Under British Law, no. Under the laws of Human Rights, yes!

There comes a time when the legitimacy of a ruler can be challenged by the people who live within that country. And no, I’m not talking about who got the most votes and I’m not talking about Russia!

If a ruler decides to start disrupting the very fabric of peace and harmony within a society, the people gain the right to de-throne said ruler.

REMEMBER: The IOWC (International Oligarchical Wealth Class) has already gotten away with terrible and hideous crimes against the people of many nations, on many continents. These members of the “Billionaire Class” have become arrogant and blatant, as they seek to replace America’s Great Republic with a Fascist Regime. They believe WE are weak and stupid, compliant and cowardly, disorganized and brainwashed by their corporate media dogs, vapid materialism and mindless greed.


The People are “the source” of our Government’s Authority. The time has come for “business as usual” to stop…pause…cease…take a HUGE break…be put on hold…you get the idea.

We can see, from the executive actions of the past week, that the Billionaire Class is as insane and immoral as we’ve known it to be for some time. They have publicly outed themselves and we, The People, have both the right and the obligation to stand up and stop them, before they cause irrevocable harm to Our Union and the rest of the world.

Every unemployed person in America…
now has a job, a role to play, a need to fill.

Every part-time employed person in America…
now has another part time job!

Every full-time employed person in America…
can use sick leave and vacation days to greatest effect.

Every college student in America…
has a mighty role to play, as young adult Americans.

Every high school student in America…
has the opportunity to watch history unfold – so pay attention & learn from our mistakes!

Insanity, intentional chaos, dangerous narcissism, distraction techniques, Shock & Awe tactics, and otherwise dangerous and damaging behavior and actions are relatively easy to recognize. We see what is happening AND we are in the driver’s seat of our nation’s next choice.

Question: “Will we allow this fascist administration to assault our nation for 3 years and 359 more days? Or not.”

“The right of revolution is the right or duty of the people of a nation to overthrow a government that acts against their common interests and/or threatens the safety of the people without probable cause.”